Matthews Blackboard Sauvignon Blanc

April 2, 2014

20140402-070323.jpg As we head into nicer weather, I look for nice crisp white wines to have with week-night dinners, when guests come over, or when we are just relaxing on the deck on Vashon. This Matthews Sauvignon Blanc fits the bill in spades. From the maker’s site, “The nose is lively with lime, melon, green apple and hints of quince and a racy background of grapefruit and herbs. The palate is bright, steely and crisp, driven by bracing acidity and a lacing of minerality. The wine finishes with subtle hints of quinine and grapefruit.” There are so many fabulously descriptive words in all of that, I almost feel I could eat some of those sentences. Lime, melon, green apple and quince–oh my. If you see this bottle on your wine shop or grocer shelves, I give it both thumbs up.

A lovely Wednesday to you all,