More Ghent Green

April 3, 2014

20140403-055837.jpg It was a quick trip back East, but was so restful & restorative being surrounded by family. Also lovely being surrounded by all that soothing yet energizing green. A friend dubbed it “Ghent Green” and I am running with it. Bit by bit, things are coming together. We have decided we really want to take our time with filling up the house with ‘things’ like sofas and such, so we are playing around with things we had, and things we bought from the previous owner. The above portion of the living room coming together for the moment and was a perfect gathering spot for relaxing and chatting. We also are open to moving things around on the walls, so artwork is being played with. The black & white photo of the trees a surprise gift to Mister Sive that was there when we arrived.

20140403-060802.jpg Lamps I found at the show in January arrived and flank (you know I love that word) the master bed and are handsome against the darkest shade of green we used in the house. My one copy of my book I received over a month ago and has not left my side, making the trip to show family. May 6th is right around the corner when it is first released!

20140403-061145.jpg The pigeon cage turned into a coffee table is one of the things that came from Seattle in the container we shipped at the beginning of the year. We love how the industrial wheels make it easy to move around in the room.

20140403-061402.jpg The new green cotton napkins came with us on this trip. These are the ones I had in an earlier post last week. The green goblets were found for us by our friend CoCo in Portland. The table all set for a family dinner.

20140403-061624.jpg The big green ‘H’ a 50th birthday gift to me that just looks swell in the front sun porch. I know we have gone a little crazy with the ‘H’ thing, but it is all meant in fun and feeds into our mutual love of fonts and letters. Bit by bit, inch by inch, Hawthorne is getting filled up with all things we love. That really is my biggest piece of advice to customers when they ask me about buying things for their home. Only have/buy it if it makes your heart sing. It becomes a quite easy test for whether you make the leap and add a piece to your home.