Zazzle Stamps

April 11, 2014

20140411-065742.jpg I always like sharing with you cool ‘things’ I find out about or experience. While Zazzle stamps are by no means a new thing, I showed several folks these personalized stamps I had made and none of them had ever heard of the service. Hence this post. Our beloved friend Whitney was a huge fan of the service and I never see a personalized stamp and not think of her. Zazzle stamps rock! You just go to the website,, download the image you want on your stamp, and boom, done. Within a week I had the stamps sitting on my desk. Oops, failed to mention–yes, you do have to pay for them too. They are a tad more than a normal forever stamp, but having the stamps personalized just bumps up the special factor when you mail something out. The possibilities are somewhat endless. Photos of a newborn baby, a table setting when you host a dinner, an old photo when you are hosting a party with a group of longtime pals–my mind starts racing with possibilities. So often I think what stops people from writing more hand-written notes is lack of stationery and stamps readily accessible. Having some fun Zazzle personalized stamps at the ready helps solve one of those problems.

Happy Friday to you all!
From sunny Seattle,