Radishes with Fleur de Sel

April 19, 2014

20140419-061622.jpg As the weather starts to get nicer and nicer, I find we serve less heavy things when guests first arrive for dinner. Sometimes just a little nibble is needed with a glass of wine or Champagne before you sit for dinner. That is where radishes with Fleur de Sel comes in. It is really just the simplest of combos but also with a little style. Ahhhh, I love those two things together. Find the best freshest radishes you can get your hands on. One of the organic farm stands on the island had these, but they had a few marks here and there, so I just peeled them a bit and cut off the tops so they were easy to pick up. Next, good sea salt. We are fans of French Fleur de Sel, but really any sea salt will do. Either put it in a small bowl or if the container is cool, use that. Put a small bowl next to it for the stems once they have been enjoyed. That is it. Minutes to prepare, but oh so enjoyable. The combination of the peppery radish mixed with the mellow sting of the sea salt is really quite delightful. Gets those taste buds nice and awake and ready for the main course.