Sunday Reading

April 20, 2014

20140420-072709.jpg There are so many ways to stay current and up on all the happening topics. With the myriad of mobile devices now at our disposal, as well as around the clock news stations–it can at times be a tad overwhelming. While I certainly catch bits & pieces of news that way, being the tactile sort, I still really love sitting in my favorite chair reading the newspaper or just out magazine while enjoying my iced coffee. It makes reading some of those intense stories much more palatable. The sound the newspaper makes when you turn the page, or the feel of the weight of the magazine as you hold it, the comfort and familiarity of my environment, all turn reading into a bit of a ritual that becomes a positive experience. If you have to face the news, doing so in comfort makes so much of it easier to swallow.

If you celebrate Easter, then a “Happy Easter!” to you. If not, may you have a lovely Sunday ahead of you.
From potentially sunny Seattle,