The Graceful Forms of EigenARTS

April 24, 2014

20140424-061321.jpg We just received in a visually pleasing round of varying shapes & shades of green EigenARTS vessels this past week. They just speak to me of Spring and flowers and all that good stuff.

20140424-061618.jpg Made by artisans on the East coast, it has been a line of goods we have carried for quite some time, but I am still always struck by its beauty and simplicity each time we unpack a box. That is what is so grand about something that is really good. Even over a large span of time, it stays really good. Quality rarely dissipates.

20140424-062117.jpg What I look for most when finding containers for the shops is that they look as good naked as they do when they are filled with flowers. The graceful lines of EigenARTS always hits the mark. Any one of the pieces would look swell gracing a mantel or tabletop all alone without anything in it. But add a single bloom or branch or bouquet and then they really sing.