Anthology Spring Issue Has Arrived!

April 30, 2014

20140430-054555.jpg Issue No.15 arrived yesterday. Always a happy day when a fresh stack of new Anthology magazines work their way into a display. ‘Style at Every Age’ is the prevailing theme in this issue. I love the whole concept and they have carried it through beautifully. Why should style be any less important as we age? Style evolves over time and the depth of our own personal style increases and becomes more of who we really are as we age. We know what we like. We have tried many things and have decided what we really like. We have made choices. Owning shops, I see so much fabulous personal style each and every day. My own mother who is close to 90 has a huge amount of personal style. This issue embraces that at any and every age.

A big THANK YOU to Anthology for including Style & Simplicity in their book roundup, By the Book. Such lovely & kind words about my book. Merci, merci. As I wrote in an e-mail to my friend Elizabeth this morning, there is a big piece of my heart on every one of those pages. So fun to see the book among the stylish page of Anthology.