Ohhhh Myyyy Starssss

May 7, 2014

20140507-081333.jpg Wow, where even to begin? Let’s just start by saying yesterday was a day I will never forget. Ever. It was a day filled with complete love. From start to finish.

20140507-082020.jpg During the day the pace was just lovely and steady with folks coming in from near and far to send best wishes and to get their books signed. The shop closed at 4 for an hour to get ready for the book signing party that started at 5.

20140507-082203.jpg And sign away I did. For 3 and a half glorious hours I was consumed with love. I was signing books that entire time. Seeing old friends. Meeting new folks. Truly, it was just amazing how many people came to get their book signed. Everyone was so patient, so kind, so happy. I was sort of on the verge of tears of happiness the entire time. Truly, an extraordinary memory I will treasure for the rest of my life.

20140507-082614.jpg I was able to have my picture taken with many of the people there in front of the Veuve banner. Veuve Clicquot played a very festive part of the evening. Which you all know holds a special place in my heart.

20140507-082800.jpg There was also a special Style & Simplicity cocktail with Meyer lemon we came up with that was a hit.

20140507-082913.jpg But ultimately it was about the people and about the love that filled the day. The above photo part of the Watson Kennedy family who worked so hard from start to finish. For those of you who attended–I say thank you. A very big thank you. I am humbled by the specialness of the day. For those of you not there reading this, I hope the photos in some way give you a bit of an idea. It was sublime. Just sublime.

Sending huge love to you all, both near and far.
From a very big smiling,