Barnes & Noble Book Signing This Evening & White Parrot Tulips

May 8, 2014

20140508-053302.jpg 2 of the images today were shot outside looking through glass so I am afraid the quality will not be stellar but I hope they still give you a good visual. I will be signing books tonight at the downtown Seattle Barnes & Noble beginning at 7. If you are still in need of a Mother’s Day gift, I think this just might be the ticket. Many, many I have signed the last 2 days have been just for that purpose of gifting. Do stop by, if even to say hello, if you find yourself in that neck of the woods.

I so desperately don’t want the book to overshadow the flow of daily posts but also want to keep everyone up on what is going on with it just in case I end up being in your neighborhood, either near or far. Which leads me to fluttery white parrot tulips goodness with a good deal of green in them too. The below image was also shot through glass, when I stood outside on Spring Street and took the photo looking onto a Home store display. These were an exceptional gift to me the other day and I just really wanted to share their beauty with you today. Pure flower happiness wrapped up in a crystal ice bucket!

20140508-054208.jpg They are so good I even brought them with me to my glassybaby signing last night. Their beauty working right in with the beauty of what the glass blowers were creating.