The Wispy Green Beauty of Lady Ferns

May 16, 2014

20140516-080830.jpg Lady ferns aka Athyrium filix-femina is a variety that we quite like. There is a very sweet wispy quality to the fronds that makes them seem like they are dancing when the wind blows. Ferns play such a big role in the visual at our home on Vashon Island, we like the idea of surrounding ourselves with them when we are in New York as a reminder of WestWard. Plus the lush beauty of ferns is something we like both in and out. We used them in pots the other day for the memorial celebration for Ted’s father. They were so lovely set on tables around the room. We brought them back with us to Hawthorne and will enjoy them in the pots around the house on this stay as a joyful reminder of David and then plant them before we head back to Seattle. Where they will do their poetic dance in the wind and watch over the house while we are away.