Wild Narcissus Geranium

May 19, 2014

20140519-105758.jpg We were with family on Friday & Saturday in the Catskills at our family home honoring the life and memory of my father-in-law David. As we drove up to the house there were these sweetest flowers scattered in the front of the house growing wild. Their sweet scent filling the air. As best as I can tell from my quick research they grow well on mountain hillsides and are called Narcissus Geranium, which pleases me to no end as you all know how much I love both of those two flowers separately. A bunch was gathered and soon the house was filled with their intoxicating scent. Sort of like they were in bloom and just waiting for us to arrive in memory of David–a poetic gesture for a poetic man.

We are back in the city where I am so honored that my friend Deborah Needleman is hosting a book launch/signing party at her home this evening for me. I can’t wait to share all the fun details of the night in the coming days. Happy Monday and a glorious start of the week to you all!