TKW Daily Blog Turns 3

May 25, 2014

20140525-103127.jpg Yesterday marked the third anniversary of my daily blog. My of my, how the time has sped by. What a delight it has been and continues to be to create a post each morning when I awake. I know I write often about a ‘journey’ but we are all on one. I just don’t want to overuse that sentiment, but I think it is so true. I guess that is why I use it often. I thank you for being on this journey with me. I am often told, whether in person or via e-mail how much joy the daily post brings to certain folks. Hearing that in whatever form brings me great joy. It is a circle I enjoy repeating. Write about beauty, happiness & joy–and in turn I feel such joy. For that, I will thank you, always. I share something with you, you in turn incorporate a bit of that in your life (whether it be a table setting, or a certain flower, or a recipe) and you end up sharing that with those you love. It is one creative, positive, love filled circle. The world is filled with good and bad. So often the emphasis is placed on the bad. Just turn on the news. Life goes by so quickly, I want to relish in the good. I love sharing all the good stuff I see each day with you. A lesson I learned early on by a coach of mine in tennis has stuck with me always. It is also a way that my father looked at the world, so I witnessed it each day from him–that so much of life is relative. There will always be someone that has more than you, and there will always be someone that has less than you. The trick in living well is being happy with exactly what you have.

Sending much love, gratitude and thanks from Ghent,