A Dining Table, Part Two

May 27, 2014

20140527-064758.jpg A tablecloth instantly adds visual interest to any table it graces. This is almost an identical table set-up as the one I posted yesterday, with the addition of a tablecloth.

20140527-064957.jpg We were out vintage shopping on Saturday. The scouting for vintage wares in these parts is pretty off the charts. That has always been a large appeal for us to the area. Hop in the car and within 20 minutes in any direction and you can be knee deep into antiquing. We are so close to both Massachusetts and Connecticut, which makes a day drive feel like you have really been out for an adventure.

20140527-065333.jpg There are a row of antique shops/malls in Sheffield, Mass that we quite like. On Saturday we scored this cool green striped tablecloth for 20 bucks. It fit our dining table perfectly, and will also be great for our eventual picnic table set up outside in the field.

20140527-065633.jpg This table was set for dinner with guests. I spread out the lilacs just a tad so it filled in around the 4 place settings. We also found sweet little green based glasses on Saturday, so I added those to the setting. In a matter on minutes, the table just transformed by adding the tablecloth, adding a kick of color & texture. I liked both versions equally. Just fun to see how quickly you can change it all up when you add a tablecloth or piece of fabric.