Style & Simplicity in the Houston Chronicle

May 28, 2014

20140528-082236.jpg Google Alerts can be such a good thing. I am finding it so interesting how the channels of communication and press merge when it comes to getting word about something. In this case, it would be my book. I was sitting at the airport yesterday working on a presentation I am giving tomorrow at The Seattle Tennis Club for their annual ladies luncheon. Up pops an e-mail with a Google Alert from the Houston Chronicle! The book was included in a round-up of recently released books titled “New Design Books for Real People” which just brought a smile to my face. We are all real people, right? Actually, I took it as a huge compliment because a big focus of mine with the book is that it would appeal to a wide audience. Often times, I look through books, in particular design books, and the focus is quite narrow. I feel the same way about many articles in design magazines at times. I like seeing creativity used in many forms, whether tons of dough was spent or not. Those are the homes and spaces that really appeal to me. Living well and creatively is not just a financial thing, it is a state of mind. I digress. Bottom line, the title/theme of the article made me chuckle. Cheers to being real! Houston Chronicle