The Inspired Home, Nests of Creatives

May 29, 2014

20140529-075117.jpg We got a stack of this book in a few days before we left for New York, and within fewer days the stack was gone. I was so bummed not to have snagged one before we left on our trip. So I was quite excited to see the stack replenished when I walked into the shop yesterday. THE INSPIRED HOME Nests of Creatives is simply a very, very pretty book. Ethereal almost. There are so many ways photographers shoot rooms. This book is shot by Ditte Isager in a lovely dreamy way. Not whole rooms but parts of them. A corner here, the side of a room there. You kind of feel like you could climb into the photo. They evoke a mood. A relaxed I want to sit in that chair in that photo with a glass of red wine and just look through this book vibe to it. They are not overly styled. Filled with page after page of the homes of creative folk. I always love the reference of a home as a nest, as I feel the ones I most gravitate to have that feeling. Things collected over time. Things that have deep meaning to the inhabitant.