The Back Porch is Coming Along

May 30, 2014

20140530-050855.jpg We have been back just 2 days and I have already had a few people stop me in the shop and say they didn’t see enough of Hawthorne on this last visit, which makes me smile as I love that folks are enjoying watching the process of making of a house into a home. You all know I like to keep the flow of the daily posts with lots of variety, so I am saving a few more for the next few weeks–I promise, more is coming. Today I will share a bit of how the back porch is coming along. We are so very excited with how it is shaping up.

20140530-051322.jpg The biggest addition since we were last there are the 2 oversized sofas. We could not wait to get there and see how they looked in the space on this last trip, as they arrived about 6 weeks ago, and we were chomping at the bit to see them. They are identical, 7 feet long, extra deep, in a gray green heavy cotton duck. The color ended up working really well in the space, picking up on all the field stone color in the floor and above the fireplace. We spent a ton of time researching sofas, and these Restoration Hardware models just fit the bill in what we were going for. We wanted a really simple shape and arm, and the extra depth sealed the deal as they are incredibly comfortable to take a nap on. We spent a ton of time on this last visit on them reading, cocktail-ing, visiting with guests & chatting, and yes napping.


20140530-052233.jpg The back porch was added on by the gentleman we bought the house from. His attention to detail is seen throughout. It really is such a beautiful room. The back porch is completely screened in. We bought glass inserts to replace the screens in the cold months, so we can really use the space throughout the year. The fireplace is one of these models that is along the lines of a wood stove and pumps out incredibly amounts of heat. With the glass inserts in place of the screens and having a fire burning, we sat comfortably in the room in January when it was hovering around 10 to 20 degrees outside. The coffee table we had sent from Seattle. We used it in our living room at The Gainsborough for years, but just knew the coloring of the metal would work perfectly against the field stone floor. Next up, 2 dining tables we have had our eye on that can be set next to one another to create a very long table for a big family dinner or dinner party. We are hoping these will arrive in time for our August visit. They also have folding legs, so they will be easy to fold up and take up to the top of the field that looks down into the valley for an alfresco Summer or Autumn dinner under the stars.