Dinner Plate Dahlias

June 15, 2014

20140615-091728.jpg I had a lovely book signing yesterday morning at the fab Swansons Nursery. After, I was able to walk around a bit and get inspired by all the plants & flowers that surrounded me. The above dinner plate dahlia a perfect marker that Summer is just days away. Dahlias are those flowers that just speak of Summer and warm days to me. The dinner plate variety being so large, literally dinner plate sized, that you really only need one flower to perk up a space, a table, or a desk. The enormity of the bloom allows you to really see all the glorious petals in oversized beauty. I really love all dahlias, put the dinner plate variety always stops me in my tracks.

A happy Father’s Day to all you dads reading. Hope you are being feted in the style that makes you happiest.
From WestWard,