A New Season Begins

June 22, 2014

20140622-095615.jpg Ahhhhh, Summer. Officially here. As the years pass I think my awareness of the changing of the seasons has heightened. I think it is my way of trying to slow down how fast time seems to be traveling at times. By trying to be in tune with what produce/flowers/events are best in a given season, I really find it slows my pace down. I become much more aware. And I like that. A lot. Last night we arrived out on the island after a busy work day, but we were exhilarated by the sun and the fact we knew it was the first eve of Summer. Out came the umbrellas from storage. Out went the zinc topped dining table onto the deck. All signaling a new season is upon us. We look so forward to many meals in the coming months with friends in that very spot above. Hearing the water below, the boats passing by, and the symphony of birds the season brings. I hope you all find a special spot to grab some memories of this sunny season.
From WestWard,