Blooms In a Pinch

June 26, 2014

It is a busy social week at the Watson Sive household in town, so I wanted to have The Gainsborough looking snazzy with some flowers throughout. This is a funny time of the flower season, as we are at the end of the season for many and too early for others. My quick walk through the Market the other day left me not finding what I thought would be quite right. The grocery store would have to be my back-up plan. My heart about stopped for a quick moment when I started to come up dry there, as well. Until I rounded the corner and spotted the sweetest hydrangea in a plastic pot. Ten bucks, more than ten blooms, and I was on my way. This is where single stem containers come in so handy. Within a short amount of time, our place was flowered. All ready for guests to enjoy. Here are a few spots they landed.