Dinner for Two

July 2, 2014

20140702-062512.jpg We made a special quick trip out to the island last evening. Two reasons really. One, it was extraordinarily gorgeous yesterday, hitting 91, so we knew the evening out there would be stellar. Secondly, we did not make it out this week-end, so we knew the plants in all the pots would be incredibly thirsty. They were quite happy to see us. Long story short, Bailey had a mystery infection and was on a ton of medicine so we stayed in town. By the power of modern pooch medicine, she is back to her feisty self. She gave us quite a scare. Now back to this table.

20140702-063008.jpg We have been getting in just the prettiest plates at the shops. The vintage blue with the monogram and the crown I just can’t stop smiling as I type this because they make me so happy. The little canapé plates with the blue fish just the perfect amount of whimsy.

20140702-063339.jpg So a quick dinner for two it would be. The blue stripe in the vintage runner pulling it all together. The natural color of the linen working with the bamboo handled Juliska quite nicely. A few quick other additions add a little more color and interest and a Summery dinner was served.