A Rosé Tasting

July 23, 2014

20140723-051100.jpg This sunny (or cloudy like the above) time of year is a perfect time to have a rosé tasting. By no means does this need to be formal or fancy. There are just so many good rosé wines out there, that it is fun to try a variety with guests at your next dinner or party. Just pick up several different bottles and have them out when guests arrive. It is a pleasurable way to spark conversation, and it is a stellar way to choose a new crowd favorite. We did this last Sunday out on the island and it was a festive way to get the afternoon rolling before dinner was served. This is also a great time to use bottles that were given as gifts. A lovely remembrance of a gift from a friend shared with other friends. The love multiples. For the above wines, the Bandol was the crowd favorite, with the AIX coming in a close second. But all were hugely enjoyed measured by the stories and laughs had along the way.