Martha Stewart Living

July 29, 2014

20140729-074347.jpg Every once in awhile a magazine cover will just stop me in my tracks. This current issue of Martha Stewart Living did just that. What a beautifully visual tableau, right down to the bits of basil strewn about. The issue is pretty stellar, as well. It has been part of my reading this week-end. The home of designers Roman and Williams in Montauk was a special treat. Each issue is always filled with so many recipes and ideas on every page I find myself making notes and pulling out pages for reminders. I find design/food magazines to be such an inspiration. Some might say print is dead, but I could not disagree more. I still always feel that bit of glee when I reach into the mailbox and pull out the newest issue of the slew of magazines we receive each month.

A happy Tuesday to you in your neck of the woods.
From WestWard,