A G&T Tasting

July 30, 2014

20140730-054439.jpg Gin will replace vino for this Wine Wednesday post. Not a bad swap if you are a gin fan. Tastings can be a fun way to start a gathering or party. A few weeks ago out on the island we did a tasting with dear friends and it was a fun thing to kick off a Sunday afternoon of relaxing, sharing stories and dining. Just put out a few different bottles of gin. We thought we would also add a variety of tonic options too, as they can really change the taste of a gin & tonic. Next lime and cucumber slices. I started on a cucumber kick in the last year with gin, particularly Hendrick’s, as the flavor of the cuc really enhances the flavor of the drink. Next a big bucket of ice and glasses and off you go. You can make them for your guests, or it be a self-serve station. Interesting to mix & match gin and tonic options. Watch the conversations and stories begin to flow.

I am up early and flying to Las Vegas this morning. Yes, you read that right. Las Vegas. Can’t really think of a place I am less suited for, but the city is now home to one of the largest furniture markets in the states. They have added a gifts & decorative accessories show to the mix, so I thought I would check it out. Actually, I am really excited for a few days of focused buying for Watson Kennedy. So off I go. Will post about it all in the coming days. Oh, and it is only supposed to be 106 degrees today. I think I see a G&T in my future…