Las Vegas World Market Center

August 1, 2014

20140801-093646.jpg I arrived home last night at 1:30 wobbly & slightly tattered after a bit of a turbulent flight that was delayed but oh so happy to have my head hit the pillow the moment I arrived home. Ahhhh, home. Always fun to have an adventure but always so lovely to be back. It was still 100 degrees when we took off from Las Vegas at 11 o’clock last night. It was a very productive 2 days and I found oodles for Watson Kennedy. I needed a head start for the upcoming New York show, as I have a bunch of book stuff happening at the same time, so this show helped me get a leg up on buying there. I stayed at the Bellagio hotel which was such a visual treat. The above Chihuly installation right as you walk into the lobby and look up is pretty over the top spectacular. Nothing is subtle or done on a small scale in LV. Nothing. It is all quite different from my normal mind-set, so I just soak it all in and look for the small details. Plus the people watching is out of this world.

20140801-094402.jpg The World Market Center is where the show/market took place. Filled with furniture, decorative accessories and gifts, it is a treasure trove for buying. But like I have mentioned before when I go to a show, you are looking for that needle in a haystack. The amount of stuff I visually take in to find that one gem can leave your head spinning. Focus is key.

20140801-095903.jpg And then the magic starts to happen.



20140801-100051.jpg Things start to come together like pieces of a puzzle.


20140801-100223.jpg I only buy something if it stirs an emotion. I just feel it when it is right. If I have to think about it for too long, I pass and move on. But when it is right, it is such a great feeling.




20140801-100642.jpg More and more vendors are bringing in and selling vintage wares. It gives my heart & soul the break it needs when sorting through everything else. Of course, that is what I end up taking photos of. But I was so happy I took the time/remembered to take photos for this post. I love having you all along with me–I hope some of these images gives you an idea of what it all is like.
From my beloved Seattle,