DRY Cucumber Soda & Hendrick’s Gin

August 13, 2014

20140813-073923.jpg Wine Wednesday continues in the cocktail theme. Yes, I know, it is a bit of a stretch, but there is no day of the week that starts with a C, so I think the post fits (kind of has to) into this category. I am smiling as I type this. You get the picture.

DRY Soda Co. is a Seattle-based company that is enjoyed all around the US and other parts of the world. They are tasty ‘as is’ but they also make divine cocktail mixers. ‘Dry’ is in reference to not too sweet, which makes it perfect for mixing with spirits. A new favorite is using the cucumber soda in place of tonic, for a twist on a Summery G&T. I also swap out the lime for English cucumber, which I prefer over regular cucumbers so there are no seeds involved. No one needs tiny little cucumber seeds floating around their cocktail. Again, smiling. Again, you get the picture. I cut the thick green outer skin off with a sharp knife and discard. Then depending on the thickness of the cucumber, I either half or quarter the pieces. Hendrick’s gin is a must for this, as cucumber plays a big component in the flavor of this type of gin. If you are not a cucumber fan, this cocktail is not for you. This is serious cucumber-y goodness in a glass. In a tall tumbler add ice, then 1/3 gin, 2/3 the cucumber soda, and finally a wedge of the freshly cut cucumber. Stir. Enjoy!