A Tomato Sandwich

August 17, 2014

20140817-073859.jpg I wrote about tomato sandwiches in my book, and I have written about them before on the blog, but I still feel the need to share again because every time I have one, they make me over the moon with happiness. Tomatoes right now are just divine. A good juicy tomato is key. The juices mixing with the mayo is what makes it. 4 simple ingredients, but just make sure they are the 4 best you can get your hands on. Toast really good sourdough or hearty white bread. Slather with mayonnaise. Cut a large thick slice of tomato. Lay said tomato on top of mayo laden bread. Sprinkle top of tomato with sea salt. Let sit for a minute or two to let the salt draw out the juices. I find these few minutes to be excruciating. Big smile as I type. Waiting is not my strong suit. Once ready, find your favorite spot to sit, along with a big napkin and enjoy the heck out of that tomato sandwich.