The Eye Has To Travel

August 20, 2014

20140820-075600.jpg It was an action packed 4 days and I am now cosily ensconced back up in the Hudson River Valley for a few days before we depart back to Seattle on Friday. The post title is in reference to something the legendary Diana Vreeland said, which was also the title of the documentary about her. I used it as it is so true, travel is one of those things that is so good for the soul. I always look at it as continuing education. My dad used to ask me at the dinner table every evening growing up, “What did you learn today?” It is something that has stayed with me always. Each day is an opportunity to learn, even if you are not traveling. Traveling just brings it all to the forefront. The world, the day, the moment–all have so much to offer us. We just have to see it. The above image I snapped the other day when I was walking to meet folks for dinner. What beauty. There at my feet. But we must see it to appreciate it. A lesson I am reminded of often.

From an exhausted but invigorated Ted at Hawthorne.
Sending much love.