The Marlton Hotel

August 22, 2014

20140822-073219.jpg You all know by now that I like sharing with you things I have enjoyed. As well as, when I really love something, I really love it quite a bit. I stayed at one of the most charming & visually lovely hotels this past week when I was in the city for the show and book related events. What a treat. The Marlton Hotel had come highly recommended but it even surpassed what I was expecting. This is rare in New York hotels. Like restaurants, I only write about the ones I/we fully enjoy. There are certainly ones we stay at that are fine, but I would not write a post or recommend a stay. This boutique hotel, which opened in September 2013 is housed in a landmarked building–once called the Marlton House–that dates back to 1900. The storied edifice has hosted everyone from Lillian Gish to Neal Cassady to Jack Kerouac, who wrote two novellas there. Situated in Greenwich Village, it is surrounded by places to walk around and grab a bite or a drink or do a little shopping. The creative vibe of it’s past can be felt in the spaces. I just felt comfortable there, really really comfortable. Sort of how I feel when we stay in Paris. But the biggest treat is all the glorious details. I could not stop clicking away images.









20140822-075552.jpg This stay was non-stop with buying at the show, dinners, meeting my publisher–that when I got to my room I just felt cared for. Every little detail was thought of and executed beautifully. As I said earlier, such a treat. I can’t wait to go back and stay there with TPS & Bailey.