A Table in Green

August 24, 2014

20140824-102119.jpg Even though we are not there at the moment, it is fun to look back and write a Hawthorne post. This one while sitting in my favorite chair at WestWard. Ahhhh, air travel. I still find it fascinating how we can get from A to B, or in this case H to WW, so quickly.

I think honoring the meal is incredibly important. To slow down and enjoy the meal and to slow down and enjoy the conversation. Setting a table goes hand & hand with all of that. I don’t think it has to be fancy in the least. It should just make us comfortable while we are sitting at the table having our meal. A regular Tuesday night dinner should/can hold the same importance as a fancy Saturday eve dinner with guests. The above and below table in green just that. Candles lit and a nice napkin and our weekday meal is elevated to special status. No reservation required.

Happy Sunday everyone. I am determined to get every drop out of Summer until September 21st. Cheers to enjoying this last month of this exquisite season!