Watson Kennedy 2015 Le Jacquard Francais Calendar Towels

September 4, 2014

20140904-054106.jpg They have arrived! It is always an exciting day when the delivery man shows up with box after box of our Watson Kennedy calendar towels for the year ahead. Yesterday was that day. These are one well-travelled towel. Made for us in France by the venerable Le Jacquard Francais, a LJF towel is made with serious beauty & durability in mind. That is one great combination. Mister Sive & I had the great pleasure years back of being invited to the factory in France to watch the production of these sumptuous/work horse linens. To this day I am still in awe of the experience and just how incredibly well-made they are. Factor in the myriad of colors that are woven into the designs, they really are like functional works of art. The calendar towels are always a big hit. I order more and more each year, and we sell out quicker and quicker. They make the ideal gift. Call one of the shops if you would like one or many, as they go fast. You know we are always happy to wrap them for you too.

A lovely first September Thursday to you in your part of the world.