Beauty In a Carton of Eggs

20140905-053916.jpg I am often struck by the simple beauty of simple things that fill our day. I marvel in them often, finding it really helps to slow down the moment and makes me ever present in it. All from a carton of eggs, you ask? Yep. Just the other day I opened this up and was just taken with them–all the slight color & size variations. They say we eat with our eyes first. So true. My point with all of this really is we have to eat to stay healthy. We might as well nourish our soul in the process and enjoy the visual of our food too. I left these out on the counter from the very beginning of the cooking process, working with them last, so I could gander at them throughout. Their singular beauty catching my eye as I worked away making a meal.

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  1. Very beautiful, the quotidian can offer great gifts, although I would have to be paid to eat eggs, I just find them a tad unsettling – it’s their disturbing origins…

  2. That is so true, Ted! I think capturing and enjoying a sensory moment, whether it’s a visual appreciation of a beautifully unique package of eggs or enjoying the sound of a breeze rustling through juniper branches, is a critical component to squeezing the zest and beauty out of life! I love that you are aware of the small details in life, it certainly shows in your blog, which is one of the many reasons that I am an avid follower! Cheers to a great weekend! – Tara

  3. Hi Ted,

    I agree! I get giddy whenever I see beautiful “yard” eggs like these. One of my favorite travel photos of all time was taken in Hawaii. When we arrived, our AirB&B host had a dozen fresh eggs of varying colors and hues waiting for us, along with fresh baked bread and lilikoi jam. Heaven on earth! Thanks for sharing this little moment of the sacred ordinary with us.

    With love,

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