That Ethereal Light

October 7, 2014

20141007-052807.jpg There is just something about this time of year when the light is just magnificent. It was streaming ever so beautifully on Saturday when I was taking photos of the dahlias in the Market. The light just seeming to illuminate each petal, almost making the images a tad surreal. Such a treat. I could not wait to share these with you.


20141007-053102.jpg Another nod to the stunning light of the season is the below shot our talented caretaker Bill sent to us yesterday from Hawthorne. The Hudson River Valley is known for its stupendous dreamy light. This image a contrast in shadows and light. We head there on Thursday for a bit of a vacation, a few book signings and a bunch of vintage shopping. The Fall colors at their peak, it is such a lovely time of year for a visit. Look for lots of apple photos in the coming week. Insert big excited smile.

From Seattle. Where the sun still continues to shine creating such lovely ethereal light.