Root Vegetable LOVE

October 18, 2014

20141018-054529.jpg This time of year and really right through the start of Spring, root vegetables are in abundance at the grocery store and at farm stands/farmers markets. There is just something about a big sheet pan or baking dish filled with a variety of root vegetables that I find immensely comforting. Baked/roasted at a high temperature really brings out the sweetness and caramelizes things a bit. I don’t even know where to begin the list on what this all is tasty with but let me try. Chicken tops the list, as does eggs. A piece of white fish such as halibut would be divine. Or truly, a big bowl of this alone would be a great vegetarian option. This could not be simpler, easier or quicker, so don’t blink or you might miss it.

You might have now noticed that I like cooking things at a high temperature. So often I say to set the oven at 400. This holds true here too. Cut up to roughly the same size little potatoes, like Yukon gold or reds. Scatter onto a baking sheet or baking dish. Then add pieces of whole peeled garlic. Next carrots, parsnips, rutabaga and turnips. Really any variation of these is lovely. No sweat if you can’t find them all. Again, try and have them cut to roughly the same size as the potatoes. Roughly is the key word here. This helps things cook evenly, but don’t worry if everything is not exact. I actually like the slight variations of everything. Looks cool once you plate it all up at the end. Then liberally sprinkle the whole lot with extra virgin olive oil and salt & pepper. Either with your hands or a big spoon, mix all around so everything is evenly coated. Into that hot 400 degree oven it goes. Every 15 minutes move things around so they don’t stick and cook nicely on all sides. 45 minutes is usually a good amount of time, but more or less might be the ticket as all ovens vary slightly, as will cooking time by how large the pieces are cut up. Done. Your home will smell divine.