Hawthorne in October

October 19, 2014

20141019-111303.jpg We timed it pretty perfectly. This trip, which we did at exactly the same time last year, has so much to do with seeing the Fall colors. The drive up when we first arrived on the 9th, the colors were lovely but not quite there yet. Each day we would see them develop and turn. Like watching a natural dance. The trees that cocoon the house were still full of leaves. Today, they are beginning to be bare. Watching the wind blow them off is just poetic. It is such a special time to be here. We head back to Seattle tomorrow, rested and ready tackle the upcoming busy holiday season.

20141019-111949.jpg Bit by bit, we add a few things each stay and the house feels more and more like a home. Here are a few shots that I took this week of our now beloved Hawthorne.