Holiday Windows on Halloween

October 31, 2014




20141031-042529.jpg My oh my how times have changed. When we opened up the Market shop going on 16 years ago, you would not really dream of putting Holiday goods out until after Thanksgiving. I remember working frantically the eve before Thanksgiving and even on the day to get things out so the Friday would be all Christmas-y and then Holiday shopping really began. Then as the years have passed it has begun earlier and earlier. Now waiting until November 1st seems like waiting too long. Certain customers start getting a tad grumpy that Holiday related goods are not available. Now, we start slowing weaving in things like ornaments and candy when they arrive in the middle of October. But the windows, I just feel I can’t do them until the end of the month. I know many big box retailers having trees out the first day of October. Some even earlier. Halloween has never been a big deal at my shops, so yesterday was the day to get them dressed in their Holiday finery. There really is no right or wrong with any of this really, I just thought a post about the windows today seemed fun. Plus I love that they are done and ready to ring in November 1st with a bang. A red window and a green window it would be. Lots of product weaved into them to grab the attention of folks as they strolled by on First Avenue. They are always such a blast to do, as there is so much new stuff that has arrived over the past 2 months that this is where I derive the ideas for each window. Plentiful simplicity was where my head was at. Let the season begin!