Make It Ahead by Ina Garten

November 1, 2014

20141101-061948.jpg She can most certainly can cook AND write cookbooks–she is prolific indeed. The newest Barefoot Contessa books arrived the other day and our stack has already started to dwindle but more are on the way. I have spoken/written a bunch in the past of my Ina love. She just gets it. Food brings people together and does not have to be fancy. This book concentrates on foods that can be made in advance so you are not stressed when company arrives and are tied to the stove instead of hanging with your friends. Kind of classic Barefoot if you ask me. The people who are being cooked for are more important than being in the kitchen. Beautifully shot as always, her books are filled with recipe after recipe of approachable and doable dishes. With a heck of dose of style injected. Ina’s books make great gifts, and this one with the red spine is just perfect for Holiday gifting. Another winner on so many levels.

It really is all about cookbooks the next few days. The Prune book arrived yesterday. I am still a bit lightheaded with excitement. I will write about that one later next week. We still have spots open for the Dorie Greenspan signing this Tuesday night from 5 to 7. Call the shop if you would like to join in. A very happy, happy beginning of November to you all!