Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine

November 14, 2014

20141114-070319.jpg Our big shipment of the limited edition seasonal scent, Iowa Pine, from Mrs. Meyer’s arrived yesterday. The sun playing all sorts of tricks when I was trying to nab the photo–apologies for it being on the darkish side. It has a moody feel, which was not intended for such joyful goods. I could not wait to break into the boxes and put a bottle of each at the sink at the shop. Major happiness. Bottles came home too, and are now ensconced at the kitchen sink at the ready. This scent really is pretty darn perfect for the season. It smells like you ran your hands along a few branches of a divine Christmas tree. Growing up in the Midwest, this scent just harkens me back. I wish this scent were available all year long, but it is not, so we covet it while we can. Both shops are well-stocked. Washing your hands & doing dishes is a routine that can be elevated by using good product. This goes pretty close to the top of the list. Simple stuff done incredibly well.

Happy Friday all!
From sunny, crisp & chilly, oh so beautiful Seattle,