The Zen of Wrapping

December 9, 2014

20141209-072832.jpg This is a photo of a brilliantly wrapped gift that a customer e-mailed to me. She had bought her husband a wickedly cool gift at the shop, as well as the wrapping paper and the ribbon. I was so touched that she sent me the image. It got me thinking about wrapping. Especially at this ‘wrapping’ time of year. Wrapping a gift you have chosen to give someone is the final gracious act before you actually give the gift. I know many of you out there love to wrap, and I know many of you do not. My thought for all of this is really to enjoy the act or ritual of the wrapping process. Find the zen of the wrap, if you will. Often times customers tell me they find gift wrapping therapeutic. Others say they find it incredibly creative. Whether you love wrapping or not, it really does make a gift extra special if the wrapping has thought & love put into it. Happy wrapping and cheers to a beautifully wrapped gift!