Layering Your Dining Table

December 23, 2014

As many of you will be setting your dining tables in the coming days for visiting family and Holiday meals, I thought a few thoughts on the topic might spark a bit of creativity. This is an often asked about topic, which stirs nervousness and doubt/fear in many. Setting a table should ultimately be enjoyable for you the host and bottom line, you should like the table you have set. My biggest piece of advice is think of it like getting dressed in the morning. Layer your table as you would your outfit. Mix and match things until you think they work. Add something a bit unexpected so it gives visual interest. Candles to me are a huge necessity. They add flicker and drama, easily placed here and there among all the other things. Just keep them unscented so they don’t interfere with the scent of the glorious food you have prepared. Flowers should be kept low so guests don’t have to fight with them to see one another. Keep them simple. If you don’t have a full setting of one kind of china, mix & match, but just try and keep things unified. I love tables with various patterns. Serve sparkling water at the table, adding a slice of lemon or orange to the glasses for a little citrusy twist. And lastly, once you have sat down at your own table, enjoy every moment of your hard work both setting the table and making the meal. Take a deep breathe, give yourself a little pat on the back, don’t let that bossy Aunt or Uncle get to you, and have just the best time at your own table.