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Sunday Content




Sending Relaxing Thoughts

20141220-070205.jpg Being a retailer, the Saturday before Christmas is when I really start to see certain folks begin to get a little stressed out while shopping. My post today really is just a reminder to all of us, myself included, to take a deep breath, and enjoy. The Holidays can be such a joyous time, but they can also be stressful. Tons to do–shopping, wrapping, spending money, entertaining, family, more family, shopping again, more wrapping again–you get the picture. Bottom line, we all just need to have fun with it. My hope for all of us is a week-end filled with enjoyed tasks, while fully enjoying the season that it upon us.
Sending my very best. Always.



Remembering, Honoring, Veuve & Hemingway

20141219-075628.jpg Last evening was an emotional night, with many of Whitney’s friends gathering to remember our beloved friend. It is coming up on a year since her death, and her sister thought it would be fitting to honor her at the shop that she spent so much time enjoying. We were honored too that she asked. It has been quite interesting learning to navigate life this past year for both of us when one of your closest friends is no longer part of your day to day. Being surrounded by so many people who loved & adored her felt so healing. You could feel her amazing spirit with us in some way. Her sister presented both of us books that have tremendous meaning to us. I was given A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. Mister Sive, The Wind in the Willows, which he read to Whitney the night before she died, him sitting next to her in her hospital bed. She found them for us at Shakespeare and Company in Paris, which gives them even more meaning. It was a night of cherishing friendship. A reminder to hold those you hold dear even closer and tighter as the years pass. To show them how much they mean to you. To let them know how much you love them.



Saveur LOVE

20141218-050310.jpg A good magazine can inspire. It can take you to places you have never been. It can teach. SAVEUR is one of those magazines. I was given a gift subscription a few years back. I enjoyed the year long magazines so much that I have renewed it ever since. The sign of a good gift and a stellar magazine. Beautifully shot, beautifully written–each issue is filled with inspiration, recipes and cookery ideas that make you dream. If you are looking for a new magazine to add to your collection, this ranks towards the top of my list.

Happy Thursday all! Hope you are enjoying the heck out of the Holidays.



Paperwhite Narcissus Several Ways

20141217-042446.jpg No matter how you have them surrounding you, the heady scent of paperwhite narcissus is a nod to the joyous season that is here. Whether in candle form or pots filled with bulbs where they do their fabulous poetic dance, they speak to this time of year. They also makes the sweetest gifts to ring in the new year.




Watson Kennedy Holiday Gift Guides

The last few weeks I have posted a variety of Holiday ‘Gift Guides’ on our various social media outlets. Thought it would be fun to have them all in one spot as we are in the midst of the season of giving. Please enjoy. If anything catches your eye and you have questions about the goods, always feel free to give us a call at 800.991.9361. Just click on each of the below guides to be linked to the 5 Flipagram videos.

Gift Guide No. 1
Gift Guide No. 2
Gift Guide No. 3
Gift Guide No. 4
Gift Guide No. 5




Ted’s Tip No. 23

20141215-065833.jpg All it takes is one stem to light up a room. Flowers add so much to a space in so many ways. That can mean big masses & vases of them, or it can mean just one. One spectacular bloom. Fancy or simple. Expensive or not. Plucked from your own yard or purchased at the market or a florist. Notice how your eye is drawn to it when you enter the room.



A Simple, Happy, Sunday Thought

20141214-060448.jpg Came across this on Instagram and it just rang so true. I have no idea who said it, but I thought it was the perfect Sunday thought for the day.



Bit by Bit, Piece by Piece

20141213-051747.jpg Bit by bit, and piece by piece, we add things to our home that makes them unique, personal. Our own. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a collector, we all really are. For our home is one big collection of things that tell our story. Being in the biz of “things” I am constantly/daily seeing, looking, buying goods for the shops and website. My motto for buying has always been that I have to love something so much that I would be happy to have it in our own home. So at times, it can be quite tough not taking everything home. But every once in awhile something just speaks to me even louder than usual. I came across these napkin rings a few weeks ago and just knew they were ours. Wood banded with sterling silver and tiny little crests with the numbers 1 thru 6 on them. I think we are really just custodians of things for the time we have them. I could just tell these had lived a good life–and we will do our best to make sure they continue to do just that.





The Stillness of the Moment

I did a quick walk through the Market yesterday to shoot some flowers for the post today, but nothing grabbed me. Then I got back to the shop and my in box of e-mails had a bunch of images sent to us by caretaker Bill from this last big Hudson Valley snow. Snow will take the place of flowers today. I was taken by the stillness of the images and by the way the snow clung to the branches on the trees and bushes. While typing this last sentence, my mind went right to the word ‘flocked’ and the memory of flocked trees of my neighbors when I was a little kid. Does anyone still flock trees anymore or was that a very 70’s thing? I digress. I hope you like the images.