Finding New, New, New at NY Now

February 2, 2015

20150202-042318.jpg As I type this in the wee hours of the morning, the snow is falling like crazy in New York City. It actually woke me up as I can hear the snow plows moving about. Is beautiful watching it from the 32nd floor blanket the city. My mind might be changed just a tad at the beauty once I am out in it later this morning trying to maneuver and get to the show. For now I am thoroughly enjoying it. And once again, I have been remiss in taking lots of photos at the show. I am finding oodles of new things and I just get so deeply concentrated, taking my phone out to snap away just does not pop into my brain until later. But I have captured a few, so you get a little taste of some of the yummy goodness that will be coming our way to Watson Kennedy in the coming months.