February 4, 2015

20150204-071000.jpg I find the snow terribly peaceful & calming. I don’t need to be playing in it or skiing on it, but just enjoy being surrounded by it. Growing up in the Midwest, snow was such a big part of my background. I can remembering shoveling snow off the tennis courts many years for the first day of school tennis team practice. My hands almost blue trying to grip the racquet for my two handed backhand. I find a calm in it all. This stay has been quite calm to say the least. Snow has fallen almost each day.

20150204-071051.jpg It has also been quite cold. Bailey looking quite fetching in her wool sweaters as she rushes out to do her business and then hustles back in as quickly as possible. Sitting in the front or the back porch all bundled up watching the snow fall, so peaceful. The full moon last evening lighting up the snow so it was almost as if someone had left the lights on outside. Again, the cold bringing a sense of calm.