The Ethereal Beauty That is Red Chair Antiques

February 6, 2015

20150206-073218.jpg We have been big fans of Hudson, New York for almost 20 years. The historic town just has a creative vibe that strikes a note with us. It always has. The fact that Hawthorne is 15 minutes from it sealed the deal when we were looking to buy the house. Close proximity to this incredible place filled with world class shops & restaurants has made it so fun each trip to get to know it better and better. Warren Street is where so much of the magic happens, and Red Chair Antiques is always our first stop. Always. Owner Jocie Sinauer has culled a stellar collection of European antiques & objects and displayed them in a truly visual/highly creative way. As a fellow retailer, I know the amount of hard work and attention to detail it all takes, and I have immense respect/appreciation for it. You just ‘feel’ good when you are in the space. Each vignette naturally flows from one to the next. Fresh flowers or plants give life to a display. Bowls are filled with visual things. We find something almost each and every visit that we can’t live without. I meant to shoot the decanter I found the other day. I will in the coming days and post it. A visit to Hudson is an amazing train trip alongside the Hudson River, 2 hours from the city. I tell folks all the time when I am working at the Watson Kennedy shops and extolling of the virtues of Hudson, that it is the perfect day trip when you visit NYC and need a respite from the city. Here is more beauty from Red Chair Antiques. Check it out if you are ever in the area.