Simple White Platters

February 11, 2015

20150211-062028.jpg We jumped right into being back in Seattle with a work cocktail party for 50+ folks last night. These were people Mister Sive knows who are in town for a convention for an organization Ted sat on the national board for and has been involved with since he started working right out of college, SMPS–Society for Marketing Professional Services. With it being a week night gathering and us just being back, keeping it simple was key. Out came the large white platters that we have had for years. They are the single best entertaining investment we have made. The varying shapes and sizes makes them perfect for holding just about anything. The white is nice and clean and makes the food take center stage. A post on what went on the platters for another day. It was such a fun night! Happy Wednesday everyone. Hope all is well in your part of the world.