20150226-033837.jpg Yesterday we spent the better part of the day shooting images of goods to add to the Watson Kennedy website. Fun to pick & choose and add to the assortment. With over 750 items, it gives a bit of the flavor of what we offer. I try and shoot the goods just as they are in their displays, to capture the ‘feel’ of being in the shops.


20150226-034022.jpg Everything from baubles…


20150226-034234.jpg To tasty treats….


20150226-034348.jpg To tunes…


20150226-034501.jpg To vintage hotel silver…


20150226-034707.jpg To yummy smells…


20150226-034843.jpg To whimsical artwork and one of a kind finds…

Open 24/7 at www.watsonkennedy.com

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  1. Ted, your website is very nicely done! May I ask who created it for you? ~Anza

  2. My creative team did. Thank you! We completely re-did it a few years ago, and we just keep adding to it. Best,

  3. I still can’t get enough of the hotel silver! Just lovely….

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