Watson Kennedy at Hotel 1000

February 27, 2015

20150227-054918.jpg I have always loved that the shops are located next to really swell hotels. Customers who are traveling and visiting Seattle add such great interest & energy to the shops. It keeps new folks walking through the doors each and every day. So I was thrilled when the very lovely Hotel 1000 down the street from the Home store approached me and asked if I wanted to take over their gift shop in their lobby. Like our website which I wrote about yesterday, the open 24/7 concept is not an easy thing to pull off for a retailer. Keeping a brick & mortar shop open continuously is not really in the cards. That is why having a website works so well. This little shop in the lobby works a bit like this too. The hotel is staffed around the clock at the front desk. So if you are in need of a host/hostess gift at 9 o’clock at night, just pop on down to the Hotel 1000 for a little WK goodness. It is a very highly edited selection, as space is at a premium, but there are loads of things to make gift giving easy at any time of the day.