The Tulips That Would Not Quit

March 21, 2015

20150321-030727.jpg Someone asked me the other day what I do to prolong the life of tulips. A clean container and fresh cut and fresh water are the biggest keys to getting the longest bang for your buck in the flower department. The above and below tulips we had in town for over 10 days. Each day their beauty danced to a slightly different tune. Use a teaspoon to a tablespoon of bleach depending on your container size combined with water and fill up said container with lukewarm water. Let it sit overnight. This will get it seriously clean. We do this nearly every time we get a round of fresh flowers. Then rinse out, add fresh water, and you are ready to add blooms. Always clean the stems, giving them a fresh cut right before they go into the vase water. Then do that same thing every other day–a fresh cut & fresh water are my biggest tricks for prolonging the life of flowers. Once those flowers are finished, repeat the bleaching process with the bottles or vases used. It is a bit of work, but the enjoyment derived out of the flowers lasting a good long while is so very worth it.