Belle Glos Las Alturas Vineyard Pinot Noir

April 1, 2015

20150401-054858.jpg This Wine Wednesday post has a bit of a design/packaging element to it. Look at how gorgeous that bottle is! This was a gift given to us at Christmas from our beloved Heather who is a WK family member. I shot the bottle right next to another gift, this from the artist extraordinaire Denise Fiedler, from San Francisco. The calligraphy on both have a very similar vibe to them. The wine bottle top then dipped in red wax to bring the whole thing together. This seriously might be the coolest wine bottle gift presentation out there. I gush because I love. Since it is Easter week, I thought it appropriate as many bottles will be given as gifts as many of us head to Easter Day dinners. With a Wine Spectator 93, this goes to the top of the list.

Now to the beauty that is in the bottle. This is just yummy, yummy deep red tasty stuff. As pretty as what is on the outside of the bottle.
From the vineyard website:
“Intense ruby red in color, it is an intriguing aromatic mix of sunbaked blackberry, bright cranberry, ripe plum, black licorice and hints of candy apple. Complex red and black fruits unfold on the palate; blackberries, raspberries and warm cherry pie filling, with a wonderful dark chocolate characteristic. Cedary oak and soft vanilla undertones on the mid-palate further enhance the wine. The overall impression is rich and silky with a firm acidity, refined tannins and explosive layers of ripe fruit.”

Happy April everyone!