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20150412-093400.jpg A big shout-out of thanks to the staff at The Seattle Times for choosing Watson Kennedy as one of four places to spend your tax refund check. We are in good company with records, jewelry and wine as the other choices for a splurge. A note of thanks to my brother-in-law Walter for alerting me to the article, as we are all cozied up at WestWard and I would have missed it. I hopped onto my iPad and snapped a photo of the digital format of the article.

From my favorite chair next to the fire with Bailey scrunched up next to me on one side, and my iced coffee & Julia Child Dearie on the other. I see a very stressful Sunday in my future–which will most certainly include a nap, a Bloody Mary and an outdoor shower. The precise order of those are yet to be determined. I hope you are having a lovely one too.

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  1. Well deserved, Ted! And, I can’t wait to spend hours on my own, perusing both shops and taking it all in!

    xoxo Elizabeth

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