Magic In The Moonlight

April 13, 2015

20150413-085318.jpg Movie Monday continues with Magic In The Moonlight. This is a Woody Allen film. For some that is a good thing, for others not. I sit on the middle of that fence. Some of his work I have adored, others not as much. Folks watch movies for many different reasons. To be entertained, to be transported, to learn. Similar to my feelings about writing about places we dine, that we have enjoyed, the same will hold true about movies we watch. The world has plenty of negative criticism about films floating around. I only want to highlight the ones we liked. Set in the 20’s in the South of France. There, must I really type anything further. I would watch and be happy with almost anything set in the South of France. Add to that the homes and dress of the time, and well, it becomes a visual delight. A hit the ‘pause’ button often movie to take in the scenery. This is a romance film, filled with very good actors & very good music. Which is trademark Woody Allen. Sweet, funny, and did I say set in the South of France in the 20’s? Ahhhhhh.

A happy start of the week to you all in your part of the globe.